Grease, the fat of animals, or any unctuous matter. - See Fat, and Tallow.

Having already given (in p. 8, of this volume) some recipes for removing grease-spots from Cloth, we shall here add a few directions for discharging them from Leather, or other articles of wearing apparel:

Take equal quantities of soft soap, and the ashes of vines ; let them be well mixed together, and a small proportion of tartar and burnt roach alum be added: these articles should be thoroughly incorporated, then formed into balls, and kept in a dry place for occasional use. With such balls the spots are to be carefully rubbed, in consequence of which, it is affirmed, they will totally disappear.

Another, and more simple method, however, is to rub the leather with the white of an egg, which, when dried in the sun, will leave no trace of the spot or stain.