Hand, a part or limb of the human body, which forms the extremity of the arm.

The most common accidents to which the hand is liable, are sprains from violent exertion, and chaps from sudden changes of heat and cold.

When the hand has been sprained, Dr. Lobb recommends fomentations with vinegar for several minutes, and two hours after every application, the part affected should be wetted with rectified spirit of wine, and then gently rubbed.—. "We believe, however, that of all the emollient remedies, goose or duck's fat is productive of the best effects, if the hand or arm be kept at rest for some time in that posture, in which it was when the accident happened. - See farther, Sprains.

For the cure of chapped hands, there is no better and more simple remedy than honey-water, if suffered spontaneously to dry, when it forms a kind of varnish, which speedily allays the pain and heals the skin. For the prevention of this complaint, it will be useful to observe, that the hands should never be held to a fire after returning from the cold air; and, after every washing, they ought to be carefully wiped and dried.