Health, is a proper disposi-tion of the several constituent parts of the body, by which they are enabled to perform their respective functions without any impediment.

The continuance. of health depends chiefly on what has been pro-fessionally called, the six non-na turals; namely, air; food ; exercise ; the passions; evacuation and retention ; sleep and waking: - treat-ing of these subjects in their alphabetical series, and the restoration of health being the object of medicine, we refer the reader in both respects to the different articles, according to the order in which they occur.

Moderation, however, in the. strictest sense of the word, is equally essential to the preservation of health, as a pure air, and wholesome food. Cleanliness, too, ought bynomeansto be neglected ; for an unclean person very seldom enjoys good health. Hence, frequent washing of the skin is of the first importance ; and we are fully persuaded, that most of the diseases, with which the lower classes of people are affected, especially in crowded neighbourhoods, originate from the. filthy state which is but too evident in many of their wretch-ed habitations.

With respect to those persons who propose to reside in hot climates, we shall state only a few simple rules, by an attention to which their health may be effectually preserved.

1. Abstain from all excess in spirituous liquors.

2. Avoid with the utmost care the evening dews, or wetting of the feet on the approach of night; as fatal sore throats not unfrequent-ly arise from this source. Should the feet, however, have been wetted by any accident, let the whole body be speedily immersed into cold water.

3. Bathe every morning in the sea, or, if possible, in sea-water; but, where that cannot be procured, dissolve an ounce of salt in a bason of water, and wash the skin with the solution, after which put on the clothes without drying the skin. This operation str ngthens the muscular fibres, and covers the skin with a kind of saline crust, which, in the opinion ofDr.Hales, effectually prevents all febrile in-fections. - With these precautions, he asserts, a person of a sound constitution may enjoy as good a state of health in the hottest as in the most temperate climates.