Hoarseness, a diminution of the voice, generally attended with an unnatural asperity and harshness. It arises, mostly, from defects in the larynx and wind-pipe ; from an ulcerated or ossified

H h state of those parts ; or from the aerimony of the bile ; and it is not unfrequently a concomitant of ca-tarrhous coughs, and scorbutic af-fections.

Lubricating medicines ought first to be administered, in order to ob-tund the acrimony of the humours, and to relax the strictures of the glandular parts. For this purpose, mucilaginous broths ; decoctions or infusions of emollient vegetables, such as the dwarf, common, and marsh-mallows; the syrups of hedge-mustard or horse-radish,will be found eminently serviceable.

If hoarseness be the consequence of a Cough (which see), the removal of that complaint will restore the voice to its natural tone. In every instance, however, the bowels ought to be kept regular ; and, if scorbutic affections be the cause of hoarseness, it will again depend on the removal of the disease, which pervades the whole system. Where this complaint is inveterate, tonics, attenuants, and expectorants, have frequently been found of service.

In many recent cases, however, the most speedy relief will be obtained by bathing the feet in warm water for about half an hour, previously to retiring to rest; when, by a few days temperance in diet, and by carefully avoiding to take cold, this troublesome affection will gradually disappear.