Hound, an appellation given to dogs of chace.

Hounds of the middle kind are deemed to be the best, being stronger than such as are either very small, or of a large size.— The shape of these animals should be carefully attended to, as they can neither run swift, nor perform great tasks, if their limbs are not well proportioned. A good hound ought to have straight legs, round small feet, and well-formed shoulders ; his breast should be rather wide than narrow ; his chest deep; his back broad; his head small; his neck thin; his tail thick and bushy. Young animals that are weak from the knee to the foot, should not be suffered in the pack ; and all the hounds should be nearly of a size.

Particular attention is requisite in the breeding of hounds. No old dogs should be admitted, nor should any attempts be made to cross the breed. The months of January, February, and March, are the best for breeding. - As, however, this quadruped is less connected with purposes of economy than amusement, we. shall content ourselves with referring the curious reader to Mr. Beckford's " Thoughts on Hunting" (4to. 10s. 6d.) in which the subject is fully and perspicuously treated.