There are numerous sorts of this excellent fruit, which have been raised from the seeds, principally by English gardeners, who at present enumerate not less than 280 varieties : from these we have selected the following 24, which are equally esteemed tor their uncommonly large size and exquisite flavour.

Red Gooseberries.

1. Cheetham's Bright Venus, is a large berry ; smooth, or without hair; beautifully red'; and of a delicate taste.

2. Coe's Hannibal, a very large; oval, smooth berry.

3. Down's Cheshire Round, a pale-red, transparent berry, marked with red spots.

4; Mason's Hercules, a very inviting fruit : large; globular; without hair ; uncommonly handsome; and very transparent.

5. Taylors Red Rose ; also very large ; oval ; rose-coloured; and hairy.

6. Victory ; one of the largest gooseberries ; oval; hairy : and rose-coloured.

7. Withington'sP'rincess-Royal; is of a good size ; round; hairy ; and dark-red.

White Gooseberries.

8. Chapman's Highland JVhite; is large ; globular ; red-spotted on its south side ; and covered with a few fine hairs.

9. Liptrot's Duhe of Bedford a large, oblong, and smooth berry.

10. Mill's Champion ; is also large and oblong, but somewhat tapering towards the stalk ; having a white and perfectly transparent skin.

11. Stafford's White Imperial; a capital, early sort; uncommonly bulky ; so that the largest, which are slightly oval, attain the size of a walnut ; but the smaller ones are of a round' form ; having a smooth, tender skin, and ripening about the middle of July.

Green Gooseberries.

12. Boardman's Green Oak, is large, globular, and smooth.

13. Creeping Germes, a very early-, large, globular berry, though some are oblong; green, with white veins ; of a sweet and agreeable taste.

14. Fox's Green Goose, is likewise unusually large ; globular 3 covered with hair ; and of an exceedingly fine flavour.

15. Mill's Langley Green, vies in size with the two preceding sorts, but is of an oval form : its taste is delicious ; and the leaf is distinguished from other varieties by its indented shape.

16. Johnson's Green Willow, a moderately large oblong berry ; pointed near the stalk, and round towards the bloom it is oval, smoot, and streaked with white veins.

17. skelmaridine's Gently-Green ; a large, oblong, and smooth berry.

Yellow, and Amber-coloured.

19. Bell's Bright Farmer; a very forge; ova!, and elegant, early fruit; marked with bright-yellow veins: it-is smooth, though a few hairs occasionally appear on the skin.

19. Blackley's Eclipse; a large, smooth berry ; oval; yellow, with green veins ; and of a savoury juice.

20. Bradshaw's Yellow-top, is globular ; smooth, with a few hairs, and of early growth.

21. Clayton's Canary ; a large, round, greenish-yellow berry covered with hairs ; and being of a good taste.

22. Mason's Golden Conqueror ; a large, handsome, bright-yellow berry.

23. Stanley's Dolphin, a very early sort; being one of the largest and most esteemed it is oval, greenish-yellow, and smooth.

24. Taylor's Nimrod, is also an early fruit, of an uncommonly large size ; globular ; without hair; of a dark-yellow shade, marked with bright-yellow veins : it has a transparent skin, and ripens about the middle of July.

Beside the varieties here specified, we find in a late catalogue' published by an eminent gardener, the following sorts enumerated under the head of New Gooseberries:

White: Beeman's White Elephant ; and White Lily.

Yellow ; Nonsuch ; Wigley's Melon ; Golden Lion ; and Invincible.

Green: Anthony Triumph ; Miss Bold ; Nield's Green Gage ; Mrs. Ewe ; Royal George; and Mont-gomery.

Red': Black Prince ; Black Conqueror: Robin Hood ; Stafford's Hedge-hog ; General Howe ; and Supreme.