Kitchen, an apartment or room destined for the dressing of provisions, and preparing them for the table.

In 1794, a patent was granted to Mr. G. Stratton, for an improved kitchen-range, or stove, with an apparatus for the prevention of smoky chimnies. His invention is stated to be an improvement upon fire-places, by which great heat may be obtained from a small fire ; by means of flues, connected either with the front, sides, back, or bottom of such grates, as occasion may require : it farther contains a contrivance for the immediate extinguishing of fire in chimnies; but, as his exclusive privilege is not expired, we refer the reader for particulars to the specification, given in the first vol. of the Repertory of Arts and Manufactures, where it is illustrated with an engraving.

A patent was likewise granted in 1780, to Mr. Brodie, for his invention of a ship's kitchen, including a stove, hearth, smoke-jack and iron boilers. These contrivances, however ingenious, are not connected with domestic economy ; and the curious reader will find them detailed in the 7th vol. of the work before quoted.