Kite, or Falco Milvus, L. a well-known bird of prey, which is a native of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The kite is, by its forked tail, easily distinguished from the Buzzard. The former is about two feet in length ; but, with expanded wings, it measures upwards of five feet. The female deposits two or three whitish eggs, spotted with pale yellow ; and, contrary to the nature of rapacious birds in general, the kite is said to breed twice in the year. Although the flight of this depredator is rapid, often soaring in the clouds, so as to become invisible, yet at such a distance he distinctly perceives his food, and descends upon his prey with irresistible force. Great damage is frequently occasioned in farm-yards, among chickens and other young poultry, by the voracious kite ; though the enraged hen will sometimes intimidate and expel him.- We are not acquainted with a better method of exterminating this biped, than by means of the gun and powder.