Lily, or Lilium, L. a genus of exotic plants, consisting of ten species, all of which are remarkable, for the beauty of their flowers ; but the two following deserve a. distinguished place:

1. The candidum, or \Vhi;te Lily, which produces a beautiful flower, the fragrant odour of which is so powerful as to induce fainting, if numbers of it be kept over night in a close apartment:—an essential oil may be obtained from them, in a manner similar to that described under the article Jasmine.

2. Toe bulbiferum, or Fire Lilt, which also bears fine flowers of a flaming red colour, and which, by culture, sometimes become double.- The Russians and Tungusians eat the roots of this species, either roasted, or boiled in milk ; and Dr. Franke informs us (in his System of Medical Police, printed a few years since, in German), that these mealy roots might, in times of scarcity, be prepared into wholesome bread.- On account of their emollient and maturating properties, they have been greatly recommended in the dropsy j but are chiefly employed in cataplasms, when boiled, and bruised into a pulp, with oil: in this manner, they are said to form an efficacious application to recent burns.