Lips, in anatomy, are the exterior edges or extremities of the mouth.

Lips are subject to few disorders deserving notice, excepting that called the Hare-lip, in which the upper part of the mouth is cleft, or slit, in a manner similar to that of a hare.—If the division be so large that a piece appear to be wanting, no art can supply the deficiency ; but, in slighter cases, the skin may be removed from the edges of the fissure, and the whole brought in contact, by means of a needle and waxed thread ; after which the external part is dressed with balsam of Peru, or some similar vulnerary unguent. With proper care, the wound heals in a few days, when the bandages may be removed, and a slight scar only will remain. During the whole course of the operation, the patient must carefully avoid all motion of the part affected; his diet ought to be mild and nourishing, lest the wound be irritated, and an inflammation induced.

Chapped, or sore lips, may be healed by the frequent application of honey-water, and protecting them from the influence of cold air.