Lungwort, or Pulmonaria, L. a genus of perennial ;plants, comprising six species, three of which are natives of Britain : the principal of these is the officinalis, Common Lungwort, Spotted Lungwort, Cowslips of Jerusalem, or Broad-leaved Lungwort; growing in woods, and flowering in the months of April and May. This species is eaten by sheep and goats, but is not relished by cows, and totally refused by horses and hogs. It is cultivated in gardens, on account of its leaves, which, in a fresh state, possess a slightly astringent and mucilaginous taste. They are recommended in tickling coughs, pulmonary consumption, etc. but are more useful as a culinary vegetable, and as salad, especially in early spring. When burnt; the common lungwort affords a larger proportion of ashes than almost any other plant; the produce, in general, amounting to one-seventh part of its weight.