Mace, the Inner coat of the Nutmeg, is a thin unctuous membrane, of a yellowish colour, which it acquires by being dried in the sun. It is imported from India in flakes, about an inch in length, which present a variety of ramifications.

Mace emits a very fragrant, agreeable odour, and has a pleasant, though acrid and oleaginous taste. It is reputed to be an excellent carminative, and stomachic, possessing all the virtues of the nutmeg, but with less astringency. its oil, whether distilled or expressed, is equally efficacious; and, when taken internally in doses of from one to five drops, frequently affords relief in colics. Externally, it is of great utility, if rubbed on paralytic limbs t it also promotes digestion, and often prevents vomiting and hiccoughs, on being applied to the region of the stomach.

Mace pays on importation a duty of 4s. 4 1/2d. per lb. besides 11d. per lb. convoy-duty ; and a drawback of 3s. 8d, is allowed on exportation ; but, if brought from the British plantations in America, it is free from the charge of convoy.