Moisture denotes a property peculiar to certain bodies that absorb humidity from the atmosphere; such are, sugar, salt, sponge, etc. but which again exhale the watery particles, when exposed to a drier air, or a warmer tempera ture.

The moisture of the air has a considerable eftect on the human frame. Thus, if the quantity and quality of the food, together with the proportion of meat and drink, be ascertained, the weight of the body will be less, and the discharges will consequently be greater, during dry than in wet weather; because the humidity of the air communicates itself to the fibres of the skin ; and, by lessening their vibratory motion, diminishes the insensible perspiration.

A patent was granted, in 1795, to Mr. James WiLLSoN.for his invention of a mode of preventing, in a very material degree, the effects of moisture on the human body; and of facilitating relief in inflammatory and spasmodic complaints, arising from humidity, as well as from other causes.—The inventor's contrivances are ingenious ; but, as they would be unintelligible without a plate, and as his privilege is not expired, the curious reader will consult the 12th vol. of the Repertory of Arts, etc. where a full specification is given, and illustrated with an engraving.