Mouth, in anatomy, a part of the face, comprehending the lips, gums, inside of the cheeks, palate, etc.

The mouths of different animals are admirably adapted to various uses, according to their size and nature ; being well formed and calculated for the reception and mastication of food, the seizing of prey, etc. It would, however, be incompatible with our design, to enter into any details relative to the organization of this part; we shall, therefore, concisely state only a few of the diseases incident to the human mouth.

1. Affections of the Teeth, and Gums, which are dicussed in their respective places.

2. Cancers, Which see.

3. If the mouth be affected with excruciating pain, the internal application of opium will afford considerable relief. But, if any tumors or swellings arise, it will be advisable to apply externally cataplasms of marsh-mallow, and other emollient vegetables, or poultices of bread and milk. When the tumefied parts continue very painful, without suppurating, it will be proper to lance them, in order to reduce the swelling. The patient ought, at the same time, to avoid speaking: and to take no such food as is either of an aerid and stimulating nature, or requires any efforts of mastication. Hence, he ought to subsist principally on liquid, mucilaginous aliment ; and his drink should be sweetened with honey, which in itself is one of the best balsamics.—See Gargle.