Nose, in anatomy, the external organ of smelling, or that part which projects from the middle of the human face.

The nose is subject to various affections, such as ulcers, luxations, fractures, etc the treatment of which is foreign to our purpose : 2nd, as we have already discussed the subject of hemorrhages, under the article Bleeding, we refer the reader to p. 283 of our first volume.

If the nose of an infant be obstructed with any gross matter, so as to impede respiration, or to prevent him from sucking or swallowing, it will be advisable, every evening to anoint the part with a little sweet-oil, or fresh butter. By this simple application, the gross particles will in most instances be dissolved, and the faculty of breathing speedily restored. - Should, however, the obstructions continue after the repeated use of this remedy, it will be necessary first to administer one or two gentle laxatives ; such as a tea-spoonful of castor-oil, or a grain of rhubarb ; after which the nose is to be frequently bathed with a linen rag, dipped in a filtred solution of two or three grains of white vitriol, in one ounce of marjoram-water.