Nostrils, are two apertures or cavities of the nose, through which the air passes, and which serve to convey odours, and to carry off the pituitous matter separated in the sinus of the base of the cranium. These apertures are divided from each other by a cartilage : they are lined with a very sensible membrane, and answer the conjoint purposes of smelling, respiration, and speech.

The nostrils are, in some individuals, preternaturally closed, either in consequence of various kinds of sores; or from injudicious treatment during the small-pox ; though this defect has sometimes been observed in new-born children.— From whatever cause it may originate, relief can be obtained only by a chirurgical operation : and, on discovering the nostril, by enlarging the Incision with a furrowed probe. The apertures must next be dressed, and kept of a proper size, by introducing dossils of lint, which ought to be frequently Changed.

As the delicate membrane which lines the nostrils, is the common integument of the mouth, and other interior vessels, it will be readily conceived, that its exposure to sudden changes of temperature, must be productive of injurious consequences. Hence thie necessity of guarding against cold, when hastily leaving, the fire-side for encountering the frosty air of winter, or retnrninig from the latter to a healed room. Although the fre-quent colds and catarrhs are generally considered as trivial, and too often neglecled, yet we are persuaded, that by far the greater number of consumptive and asthmatic sufferers date the period of their declining health from such inattention. We therefore recommend to those who are yet susceptible of advice, previously to exposing themselves to a damp, cold, or sharp air, to spend a few minutes in a cool, temperate room, or to apply a handkerchief to the mouth, when suddenly coming in contact with the externa! air, till they become gradually accustomed to its stimulus. Thus, we doubt not, many complaints of serious consequences, might be easily prevented.