Nourishment, in animal economy, denotes the reparation of the continual waste which bodies undergo in consequence of exercise, the effects of air, hunger, thirst, sleep, etc.

Nutriment is afforded by proper food containing alimentary juices; and which, after due mastication, is digested in the stomach, con-verted into chyle, incorporated with the blood, - and thus distributed throughout the body for its support. In young persons, the nutritious juices not only contribute to restore the continual waste, but also to increase their size, which is denominated growth. In adults, likewise, the epidermis, or scarf-skin, though continually peeling off, is always renewed; and, if any muscular parts be separated from the body, they axe speedily supplied with new substance : in a similar manner, wounds heal spontaneously ; and such persons as are emaciated or exhausted, again grow plump, and even become lusty.—-See Digestion and Food.