Orchal, ARGOL, or Cud-Bear ; Lichen Roccella, L. an indigenous plant, growing upon the rocks on the coast of Guernsey ; the Isle of Portland ; and, we understand, also in some parts of the Highlands of Scotland.—This species attains the height of two or three inches, having cylindrical stems, which are internally white-. It abounds on the islands of Tene-riffe, and the Canaries, whence it is imported into Britain.

Argol is of a light colour , though it is sometimes found of a dark-grey: when mixed with lime, urine, and alkaline salts, this moss is formed into a dark-red paste, which has received the different names above-mentioned, and is much used in dyeing wool of a deep red or purple colour.—Orchal is-subjecl to the sum of 2s. 10 1/2d. per cwt. on importation ; but, if it be brought into Britain expressly for the use of dyers, it is admitted free of duty, by the 8-GRO. I. c 15-. § 10 ; provided it be legally imported, regularly entered, and landed.