Osmund Royal, Flowering Fern, or Royal Moon wort; Osmundu regalis, L. an indigenous plant, growing in watery places and boggy marshes ; bearing flowers in the months of July and August.

It is remarkable, that impressions of the leaves of this vegetable are frequently met with in the nodules, or small masses of ironstone found in the mines at Coal-brook Dale.- the root of the Osmund Royal, boiled in water, affords a thick mucilage, which, in the North of Europe, is employed as a substitute for starch, to stiffen linen.- On account of its viscid, sub-astringent nature, it was formerly often used in the gout, as well as in the rickets. It appears, however, to be better calculated for external applications, in contusions and bruises, of which, it is said, to be a powerful discutient: - as it smoothens and softens the skin, it makes a tolerable cosmetic ; and is reputed for its property of dispersing freckles, and other pimples from the face.