Paint, a term used to express more particularly the preparations employed in painting houses.

The principal article in the various compounds being white-lead, the grinding of which is extremely detrimental to health, we shall state the following process, lately invented by M. A. A. De Vaux, and communicated for the benefit of the public :-should it prove to be an effectual substitute for the pernicious paint now employed, it will be of inestimable service to society. He directs two Paris pints of sweet skimmed-milk (two quarts English measure); six ounces (6 1/2 ounces English averdupois) of fresh slaked lime; four ounces of nut, caraway, or linseed oil, and three pounds of Spanish white, to be used in the composition. The lime must first be introduced into a stone vessel, to which should be added such a proportion of milk as will produce a mixture resembling thin cream. Next, the oil is to be gradually poured in; the whole being gently stirred, and the remainder of the milk added. The Spanish white must next be crumbled in, or scattered on the surface of the fluid, which it gradually imbibes, and at length sinks; when the whole should be briskly agitated.

M. De: Vaux observes, that the milk ought not to be sour; because, in such case, it would form with the lime a calcareous acetite, which strongly attracts moisture. Either of the oils above-mentioned may be used ; but, if white paint be required, that of caraways is preferable ; as it is perfectly transparent.-In order to obtain a distemper or size-colour, the paint thus prepared may be tinged with levigated charcoal, yellow-ochre, etc. for painting with which, the most common oils may be used.

The quantity here prescribed is, farther, stated to be sufficient for the first coat of six toises, or from twenty-four to twenty-seven square English yards: it may be applied in the usual manner ; and costs in Paris the sum of nine sols, or 4 1/2d. sterling.

Painting of the Face, is a prostitution of the human countenance, too absurd to be described.- See Cosmetics, and Washing.