Pastry, a term denoting that branch of cookery, which is appropriated to the making of pies, tarts, etc. It is likewise, though erroneously, used to express the articles exposed to sale by confectioners.

All pastry is hard and indigestible without butter, or other animal fat: and, even with such addition, it is apt to produce the heart-burn, acidity, and complaints of indigestion. Hence, it would be an important discovery, if a method could be devised, of baking these compositions without the aid of yeast and fat; because the viscid, rancid matter of such ingredients, occasions obstructions in the abdomen, and is frequently productive of obstinate cutaneous affections.

Children, in particular, ought not to be indulged in the habitual eating of pastry ; for their palates are thus artificially stimulated, and a false appetite is thereby created.

Hence arises that propensity which, in many infants, borders on gluttony ; and which many weak parents consider as a criterion of perfect health. To the same fruitful source, we are inclined to attribute the sickly appearance of most children and childish adults in the metropolis ; and refer the unprejudiced reader to the article Paste.