Pimpernell, the Bastard, or Small Chaffweed, Centun-culus minimus, L. an indigenous low plant, which grows in salt-marshes and meadows near the sea-coast; flowers in the month of June, and seldom exceeds one inch in length.—For this useless weed, other vegetables thriving in sandy situations, ought to be substituted ; in order to consolidate and improve the soil.

Pimpernell, the Scarlet, or Anagallis arvensis, L. an indigenous plant, growing in corn-fields and sandy places ; flowering from May till August.—Dr. Withering observes, that every part of this plant is singularly beautiful: according to Bechstein, it is much relished by sheep, and its flowers were formerly in great repute, for their supposed efficacy in curing the bite of a mad dog, as well as the giddiness in sheep.—It is farther remarkable, that these flowers regularly open between eight and nine o'clock in the morning, and close their petals at four in the afternoon.