Pin, a well-known little instrument, usually made of brass-wire, blanched., and which is chiefly employed by females, in adjusting their dress.

Notwithstanding the apparent simplicity of pins, their manufacture is extremely curious and complex; but, as a description of this article might be acceptable only to a few of our readers, we shall confine our attention to the treatment which ought to be adopted, in case any pins should be inadvertently swallowed. Such accidents sometimes happen, to persons who im-prudently accustom themselves to old these dangerous utensils in their mouth, and even frequently retire to bed without removing them ; an injudicious practice, that cannot be too severely reprimanded ; for a sudden fit of coughing, or numerous other causes, may easily force the pin down the gullet.

As soon, therefore, as it can be ascertained that this pointed substance has been swallowed, it will be advisable to take considerable draughts of vinegar and oil of almonds; or, if the latter cannot be readily procured, any other sweet or salad oil may be substituted. Tar-tarized antimony, or tartar emetic, has, likewise, proved a very effectual remedy in such distressing situations ; ought to be given in doses of four or five grains, dissolved in warm water, which should be followed by the whites of six raw eggs, if the patient be an adult. These will coagulate in the stomach; excite vomiting; and thus occasion the ascending of the pin, together with the sheathing matter. — See also Gullet.