Post, a stake, or piece of timber, which is fixed in the ground.

Posts are used both for the purposes of building, and of fencing; but, as the .strength of the fabric, or of the fence, depends greatly on their nature or solidity, various expedients have been adopted, with a view to season, or prevent them from rotting. Among these, burning of the lower or subterraneous part, has been recommended as an excellent preservative ; besmearing them with tar, pitch, etc. has likewise been found very serviceable ; but the most effectual method is that employed in the county of Durham.—It consists in indenting, or puncturing the stake at right angles, to the heart or pith, by means of an instrument, somewhat resembling the caulking-irons of ship-carpenters ; and which is furnished with one, two, or three rows of teeth. The wood ought previously to be well seasoned, warmed, and, lastly, coated with pitch or coal-tar; which will penetrate as far as its centre. By this operation, the strength and durability of timber will by no means be diminished ; on the contrary, it will thus be better enabled to withstand the injuries of the weather.