Pot-Ash-Cake, a kind of biscuit, much used in the United States of America ; and which is baked in the following manner:— Take two pounds of wheaten flour, and half a pound of butter: to these must be added half a pound of sugar, that has previously been combined with a pint of milk ; and a large tea-spoonful of salt of tartar, crystals of soda, or any other pure pot-ash, which 1 as likewise been dissolved in a small quantity of water. The whole is to be carefully mixed, and kneaded together : when properly rolled, -it may be formed into cakes, which ought to be exposed to a brisk heat of an oven; as their lightness depends much on the expedition with which they are baked.

Pot-ash-cake is equally nutritious and wholesome : being speedily prepared, it deserves to be adopted, especially where yeast cannot be easily procured.