Books are liable to be stained with grease, tallow, oil, or other fat substances; by which their beauty and value are greatly impaired : hence we shall add the following recipe for restoring them to their former colour, on the authority of M. Deschamps. He directs (" Bibliotheque Economique" vol. i.) the soiled paper first to be warmed, and as much of the grease as is possible, to be taken out, by means of blotting-paper. A small brush is then to be dipped in the essential oil of well-rectified spirit of turpentine, previously heated till it nearly boil, and to be drawn over both sides of the paper, which ought to be kept warm. This operation is to be repeated, till all the grease be extracted ; when another brush, immersed in highly-rectified spirit of wine, must be passed over the same paper ; by which expedients, the spots will completely disappear; the paper will resume its original whiteness ; and, though the process be employed on a part containing written or printed characters, they will experience no alteration.