Face-Ach, or Tic douloureux, is an acute pain in the face, which is sometimes accompanied by suppurating tumors: it mostly a tacks persons of delicate habits, and those who are uncommonly susceptible of cold.

To remove this distressing affec tion, the use of volatile salts, and other cephalics, is generally insufficient. Hence the tincture of valerian, with vitriolic aether, may with more advantage be resorted to, both externally and internally. Relief has, in some instances, been derived from the compound tinctures of castor and of asafoetida ; but, if these various remedies prove ineffectual, the feet should be bathed in warm water, a foetid clyster be administered, and recourse had to electricity. A draught of vinegar or warm water, has occasionally procured ease ; but, in very violent cases, opium only, under proper medical guidance, is capable of suppressing the pain. - Lastly, a new and efficacious cure for the face-ach, has been discovered by Dr. Haighton : - He directs the nerve proceeding from the infra-orbital hole, to be divided ; but this operation ought to be performed by a skilful surgeon ; as, otherwise, irreparable injury might be committed on the eye, or contiguous tender parts.

With a view to prevent a return of this malady, the patient should undergo a course of tonic medicines, namely : take a copious draught of spring-water, early in the morning; repair to the tepid, or, if his strength admit, to the shower-bath; and use the Peruvian bark.