Rum, a spirituous liquor which is distilled from sugar-canes.

The best state in which rum can be imported or preserved, is that of rectified spirit ; as it may thus be conveyed in one half of its usual compass, and afterwards reduced to the proper degree of proof strength, by means of spring-water. It would, likewise, in this state be better calculated for punch, both on account of its finer flavour, and because the strength of the mixture may be then more uniformly regulated. Farther, fraudulent persons would now be prevented from adulterating it with malt spirits, and also from dulci~ fying or sweetening it with oil of vitriol, and similarpernicious drugs.

Pure, old rum, is incomparably more wholesome than brandy; Dr. Short, therefore, prefers it to any other spirit, both as a cordial, and for making punch. It softens and dilates the alimentary canal, while it promotes a more regular perspiration, as well as the discharge of urine. It is also of greater service in nephritic complaints ; and, where the constitution is broken by hard or long-continued drinking, Dr. S. recommends it in small quantities, as being well adapted to raise and preserve the tone of the stomach. - We deem it, however, necessary to observe, that such stimulating liquors arc in no case absolutely salubrious, and ought to be resorted to only as medicines. - See Arrack, Brandy, and Gin. Running-Thrush. See FRusH. Runnet. See Rennet.