Savory, or Satureia, L. a genus of exotic plants, consisting of nine species, of which the following are the principal, namely :

1. The hortensis, or Summer Savory, an annual herb, propagated from seed, which ought to be sown early in August on beds of light earth : - if the plants are intended to remain in the same situation, the seed should be sparingly scattered; but, if they are designed to be transplanted, it may be sown more closely.

2. The montana, or Winter Savory, is a perennial vegetable, likewise obtained from seed, which requires only a poor, dry soil, where the plants will continue for many years, uninjured by the severest winters. As, however, the shoots will not be well furnished with leaves, when several years old, it will be proper to raise an annual stock of young plants.

Both the summer and winter savory have long been cultivated in the British gardens, for culinary, and medicinal purposes. Their warm aromatic, and pungent leaves, are much esteemed in salads : formerly, they were employed medicinally, with a view to attenuate viscid humours, to dispel flatulency, and to increase the appetite. According to Prof. Bradley, this herb, when dry, and put into a bed, possesses the remarkable property of expelling fleas.