Scratches, a distemper in the heels of horses.

Under the article Grease (vol. ii. p, 400), we have already stated the method which is generally pursued in the treatment of this disorder : we shall therefore only observe, by way of supplement, that if the scratches prove obstinate, and the sores be deep, the following healing ointment may with advantage be applied : - Take of Venice turpentine 4 oz. ; quicksilver 1 oz. ; incorporate them properly, and then add honey and mutton suet, of each 2 ounces 5 anoint the diseased parts once or twice a day; and, if the animal be of a full or gross habit, bleeding and purging, together with proper al-., must be resorted to ; in order to correct a vitiated state of the blood. Should, however, any cavities be formed in the horse's s, they must first be laid open ; as it is absolutely necessary to apply the dressing to the bottom, in order to effect a radical cure.