Shot, a general name given to small and large balls, employed in fire-arms, but especially to those of a diminutive size.

Shot is made either of iron, or of lead : the former metal is chiefly used for cannon-balls; as the latter is for those of guns, pistols, etc.

There are different kinds of shot, according to the various purposes for which they are designed. The best for fowling-pieces, is known under the name of Patent milled Shot, and is of various sizes, according to the species of game that is the immediate object of pursuit. It, is made in the following manner : Sheets of lead, the thickness. of which, corresponds with the intended size of the shot, are first cut into small cubic pieces: these are next submitted to a large, hollow, iron cylinder, .that is mounted horizontally, so as to be turned by a winch; and, by their friction against the sides of the machine, they are rendered perfectly round and smooth. - See also Granulation.