Shrimp, the Larger, or Can-cer crangon, L. a diminutive shellfish, provided with long slender feelers', and several claws, to which moveable fangs are attached : it has three pair of legs, and seven joints in its tail.

There is another kind of shrimp (squilla), which, in its external characters, nearly resembles that before described ; though it is above half the size of the former. - This species frequents the coast of Kent, and is sold in the metropo-lis, under the name of the white Shrimp.

As an article of food, shrimps are esteemed an agreeable repast, and are more easily digested than the larger kinds of shell-fish, such as crabs, lobsters, etc. Hence, the former are frequently used, as an ingredient in sauces; and also eaten by epicures, with a view to impart additional relish to wine and rich ale.