Shrub, in botany, a term denoting a low tree, of a diminutive size; or, a plant abounding with branches ; and, instead of one single trunk, shooting forth several sets or stems from the parent-root. Such are the honey-suckle, holly, furze, etc.

The most hardy, indigenous shrubs, are the Box, and Ivy, which resist the severest winters, without receiving the least injury; while many other vegetables decay, in consequence of intense frost. Next, in point of hardiness, are the Holly, Juniper, and Furze ; but there are, besides, numerous ornamental shrubs, well calculated to diversify parks, lawns, etc.

Having already given a list of the most useful shrubs, under the article Plantation ; and likewise stated the most advantageous methods of cultivating" them, under the heads of Cuttings, Layers, Planting, etc. we refer the reader to those respective subjects.