Sight, is the exercise of the sense of vision. This faculty is one of the most important enjoyed by organized beings ; as they are thus enabled to behold the beauties of Nature, and to avoid such objects, as may be productive of in-jury to the animal body. - Consistency with our limits, we cannot attempt to explain the peculiar structure of the organs of sight $ and shall, therefore, briefly observe, that perceptions by the eye are effected by the refraction of the rays of light, through the medium of the crystalline humour; till they are collected into one distinct, image on the retina, a membrane resembling a net ; and which represents objects to the mind. Such rays are, during their passage through the cornea, or horny skin, broken and brought into mutual contact -, after which they converge at the part containing the vitreous or transparent humour ; and at which they separate, being again assembled together, and at length collected into as many points as the external figure represents.

Such is the manner by which we are enabled to behold objects in general: general: hence, the necessity of guarding the with equal care against all from without, as well as comes evident ; tor those tender and complicated organs are exposed to a variety of disorders, which, if not opportunely prevented or checked progress, may eventually induce total Blindness. - Having already enumerated such affections, and pointed out the most appropriate treatment, under the articles Eye, GuttA-Serena, etc. the reader will consult them accordingly.