Slaughtering Of Cattle, a term used to denote the killing of calves, oxen, or other horned cattle.

The instrument at present generally employed for this purpose, is a common axe; by which the animal is at least stunned, in case it does not fall after one or two blows ; yet, as the knocking down of cattle carries with it an idea of ferocity, a milder and more humane method of terminating their existence, ought to be substituted for that practice. Such desirable object may be attained, by adopting the mode of slaughtering which prevails in Portugal ; namely, the "laying down cattle, " by separating the spinal marrow with a peculiar knife; in consequence of which, the animal is unnerved, and falls instantaneously : we therefore subjoin the following Cut, representing the instrument employed in that kingdom :

Slaughtering Of Cattle 4

The whole knife here represented, is 11 inches in length; the handle being 4 1/2, and the blade 6 1/2 inches. In order to use it, the person who is about to " lay down" an animal, must place himself in front of the latter, holding it by the horn in the left hand ; and passing the knife over its brow, through the vertebra: of the neck, info the spinal marrow. - For the knowledge of this practice, we are indebted to the humane Lord So-Merville; who, during his late residence in Portugal, caused a person to be instructed in the use of the knife above delineated. His Lordship has liberally offered to comply with the request of those whose business is to slaughter cattle, and who may be desirous of additional information. He farther observes (in The System followed during the two last years by the man in a row " with expedition than would at , perhaps, be crewise is of on. if the practice of lining, or walking at adopted in Britain, the probably be induced to stand more quietly; in consequence of which operation will become safe as it is easy."