Snow, a meteor, which is formed by the congelation, or zing, of vapours in the atmosphere.

Snow differs in no other respect from rain, but that it is frozen in its descent to the earth, and falls in collective masses of transparent whiteness : these are known u: the name o: - It has been erroneously believed, .that snow po sesses more fertilizing properties than rain ; but the real difference has, by MarSgRaf, been ascer-tained to be ingly small. I to defend corn, and all other vegetables, from the severity of winter frosts ; as it prevents thein-ternal heat of the earth from being evolved through the surface of the land, and consequently amelio: the soil. The plants, being thus sheltered, shoot forth in the spang with renewed vigour ; and, being cherished by the genial rays of the sun, vegetate with increased luxuriance.