Snuff, a well-known preparation, the basis of which is tobacco, reduced to powder ; other matters being incorporated, with a view to impart a degree of pungency and peculiar odour.

It would be an endless task, to enumerate the various compounds that have been introduced to the notice and patronage of the public, in different countries: hence we shall only remark, that there are three principal kinds of snuff, which are known under the names of granulated ; impalpable; and the bran, or the coarse part remaining after the second sort has been sifted.

The practice of taking snuff, though less detrimental to health, is not less whimsical than that of smoking ; for, if continued to excess, it occasions such a copious discharge of mucus from the nostrils, as will eventually impair the sense of smell, sometimes even corrode the membrane lining the nose, and occasion deep ulcerations in that organ. An instance occurs in the TranmSactions of the Learned (Acta Eruditorum), for the year 1715, of a person who, by his extravagant use of snuff, at length was troubled with a polypus in the aesophagus, which rendered him unable to take any nourishment, and literally starved him. - Another consequence of indulging in this singular custom is, that it fre-quently affects the voice; for, as a kind of stricture is thus induced at the base of the nose, which communicates its influence to the palate and organs of speech, the votary of such custom is consequently stimulated to take additional quantities, in order to remove the obstruction.

The occasional and moderate use of snuff, however, is in some cases beneficial. Thus, if a person be subject to head-ach, or to diseases of the eyes, or ears, a few grains of such powder will often afford speedy relief, in consequence of instantaneous sneezing. On the other hand, we would advise those who know the satisfaction of cleanliness, to avoid as long as possible, the taking of snuff; and such as are liable to phthisical complaints, hemorrhages, or internal ulcers, should be particularly cautious ; as the indulgence of this practice might, to them, be productive of fatal consequences.