Storax, a fragrant gum-resin, exuding from incisions made in the Common Storax-tree, or Styrax officinalis, L. a native of Italy and the Levant, where it flowers in July.

The best storax is obtained from Asiatic Turkey, in small, irregular, transparent masses, of a pale-red, or yellowish colour, and generally abounds with whitish tears, resembling those of Benzoin. The drug, however, which is commonly sold in the shops, consists of large, light pieces, very impure, from the saw-dust with which the resinous juice is mixed. And, though inferior to the preceding sort, yet in a purified state, it possesses greater fragrance.

Storax is one of the most grateful of the odoriferous gum-resins, but is at present disused in medicine ; and employed chiefly in fumigations, or as a perfume: it-pays, on importation, from the countries of which the storax-tree is a native, only 9 1/2d., but from other places, 2s. 5 1/2d. per lb.

There is another species, known under the name of Liquid Storax, which exudes from incisions made in the Liquid-ambar Styraciflua, L. asserted to be a native of Virginia and Mexico. It is farther obtained, by boiling the bark or branches of that tree ; in consequence of which the purer particles rise to the surface. The genuine liquid storax is of the consistence of honey, possesses a fragrant smell, somewhat resembling that of the preceding, solid species. But the drug of this name kept in the shops, is an artificial compound of the concrete storax, common resin, wine, and oil, properly incorporated. Whether genuine or spurious, it is only used externally as a balsamic. The im-ported liquid storax pays a duty of 4 1/2d. per lb.