Sweet-Smelling Solomon's Seal, or Convallaria Polygonatum, L. a native perennial, which grows in mountainous woods, and the fissures of rocks, principally in the county of York : it flowers in the months of May and June. - This vegetable is eaten by sheep and goats, but is refused by horses, hogs, and cows. - Its roots consist of a pulpy, tuberous, white, sweet, and mucilaginous substance: in times of scarcity, they have been converted into a wholesome bread ; and are always used for that purpose, by the lower classes in Sweden and Russia: a good starch may likewise be extracted from them; and the expressed juice, being somewhat acrid, serves as a cosmetic, or a lotion tor pimples, etc. - The young shoots of this, as well as of the following species, may, in the spring, be eaten like asparagus.