Tendons, or Sinews, in the animal frame, are ligaments, by which the motion of the joints is performed.

The principal affections of tendinous parts, proceed from external violence, by which they may be wounded or lacerated. In these cases, surgical assistance ought to be immediately procured; otherwise, inflammation, fever, and even death, may be the consequence. If a tendon be partly divided, a few drops of Peruvian balsam poured into the wound, will be found an excellent remedy. But the principal relief in wounded or ruptured sinews, will be derived from keeping the limb in such a posture as to relax the muscles, and thus to facilitate the re-union of the injured part; after which, a proper bandage of fine soft flannel should be tightly passed round the limb, in order that the muscles may be re-tained in a state of ease, till a complete cure be accomplished. If such a ligament be violently distended, as is frequently the case in luxations, the most proper application will be the ARQUEBU-sade-water, described, vol. i. p. 103.

A swelling sometimes appears on the tendons, particularly those of the wrist and ankle, where it is called ganglion. Such tumors are of an elastic nature, moveable, and generally arise from external injury, rheumatism, etc. : in many instances, they spontaneously disappear ; but in the contrary case, friction, and gentle compression, by means of a thin plate of lead, secured by a proper bandage, will generally be sufficient to remove them. Should this treatment, however, not prove efficacious, or an inflammation of the part ensue, it will be advisable not to neglect surgical aid.