Thrift or Statice, L. a genus of plants comprising 22 species, 3 of which are indigenous : the following are the principal:

1. The Limonium. See Lavender-thrift.

2. The Armeria, Common Thrift ; Sea-gilliflower ; or Sea-cushion, which is perennial; grows in meadows, and on rocks near the sea-coast ; where it flowers in the months of May and June. When in full blossom, it presents a beautiful sight in pasture-grounds 5 on which account, it is likewise often planted in gardens, as an edging for borders.

The Sea-gilliflower forming whole swards, or tufts of grassy, solid, and smooth leaves, its culture is much recommended in loose sands, which are thus speedily consolidated : the naked stalk, in general, attains only the height of 6 inches. - The plant is eaten by horses and goats, but refused by sheep.