Touch, or Feeling, is one of the five external senses, through the medium of which we are enabled to form comparative ideas of hard, soft, rough, smooth, hot, cold, dry, wet, or other tangible properties.

Having already explained the organism of the touch, in the article Skin, we shall only remark, that the greatest attention to cleanliness is requisite, for preserving this sense ; as it is liable to be impaired by negligence, cold, pressure, or any other object that tends to blunt the nerves, or to obstruct their influence. Farther, the touch is affected by the palsy, by apoplexy, and similar maladies that disorder the brain and nerves ; though it may be recovered after the primary complaint is removed. - Lastly, if a defect of this sense proceed from any obstruction of the cutaneous nerves, it will be advisable to regulate the first passages, by appropriate purgatives, and then to administer, internally, mustard-seed, horse-radish, spirit of hartshorn, or other suitable stimulants. Considerable benefit may also be derived from the application of Sinapisms, fresh nettles, and the use of the tepid bath.