Walton-Water, is obtained from a mineral spring, which rises in the vicinity of Tewkesbury, in the county of Gloucester, it contains a small portion of iron dissolved in fixed-air ; of absorbent earth combined with hepatic air; of vitriolated magnesia, and muriated mineral alkali; but the proportions of these constituent parts have not been accurately ascertained.

Walton-water is chiefly efficacious in obstructions and other affections of the glands : the dose varies according to the inveteracy of the disorder, the age of the patient, and other circumstances. This mineral spring, however, is seldom resorted to; though it promises to be of considerable use in scrophula, and many other diseases. - Farther information respecting its component parts, etc. may be derived from Dr. James Johnstone's " Account of the Walton-water, near Tewkesbury" 8vo. 1s. 6d. Cadell, 1787.