Whey, is the serum or watery part of milk, which remains after the cream and coagulable matter of that fluid are removed, either by churning, or by separating it with Rennet, vinegar, cream of tartar, etc.

Whey is an agreeable and wholesome liquid : the best is that separated by rennet; as a considerable portion of curd and saccharine particles are suspended in it; whereas the serum, arising from the spontaneous decomposition of milk, possesses an acid taste, is totally divested of the nourishing properties of milk ; and ought to be used only in certain cases of fever, or inflammation. On the other hand, the latter is a pleasant, cooling, beverage, during the heat of summer, and may be advantageously drunk by the scorbutic and consumptive.

Scalding Whey is prepared by a simple expedient, adopted in the midland counties, for improving the quality of Whey Butter, ft consists in suspending each meal of cream, as it is taken off the whey, over the fire, till it become scalding hot; care being taken that it may not boil. Thus, the butter is greatly improved; and, if the milk have become rancid or bitter, from the cows having eaten turnips, or barley-straw, such disagreeable taste will be completely removed.

Mustard Whey is made by boiling l 1/2 oz. of mustard in a pint of milk, and an equal portion of wa-ter, till the curd be entirely separated; after which the liquid is strained through a cloth. This preparation is one of the most pleasant and efficacious forms, in which mustard can be taken; the dose being one tea-cupful, which may be sweetened with a little sugar, and taken three or four times in the course of the day.

White-wine Whey is made by pouring equal parts of white wine and skimmed milk into a bason ; and, after they have stood for a few minutes, by adding a double portion of boiling water. In a short time, the curd will collect, and subside at the bottom : the whey is now to be strained into another vessel, and sweetened with sugar : a sprig of balm or slice of lemon will greatly improve its flavour. - This kind of whey affords a salubrious beverage ; and, when taken immediately before retiring to bed, it is particularly serviceable to those who have undergone severe bodily fatigue; or been exposed to the inclemency of the weather; as it will excite a gentle perspiration, and thus obviate a sudden cold or catarrh.