Are you left-handed? If you are, very likely it worries mama and papa and all your teachers. It shouldn't worry them. And really it is a great waste of useful time to try to make you right handed. The trouble—if it is a trouble—is in the brain. For some reason that no one understands, the nerves of our bodies cross over, so the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and the left brain the right side. Usually the left brain is a little the larger, so it takes command and makes the right side of the body leader. When, about six times out of a hundred, the right brain is larger, it makes the left side leader It is supposed that the left brain in most people gets more blood because the heart is on the left side. This makes ninety four or five people out of every hundred right-handed. Remember this: Left-handed people are just as bright, and just as " handy," or clever, with the hands, as right-handed people. Of course it looks odd to see a person eat and -write with the left hand. But "looks" don't count for much when work is to be done. A left-handed pitcher wins many a game of base-ball.