Divinise Thy Nature!

All memorable occasions, all holy days and sacred anniversaries carry a message and a higher call to those who will hear and respond. They invariably form a reminder of the true mission and central purpose of human life. The Call of Christmas is the Call to a new Birth in the Spirit. Its message is the lofty one of the Divine Life, the Christ-Life of Compassion, Truth and Purity. That moment is the real joyous Christmas to you when the Divine Consciousness that shone through Jesus blossoms and lights up the inner chambers of thy heart. Christmas is to you that day you start to lead the divine life of Satya, Ahimsa and Brahmacharya that the great Vedanti of the West lived. Many a Christmas has come and gone. Celebrations are held every year but have you risen in answer to its Divine Call? Has the Divine Child taken birth in the inner Bethlehem of your heart? It is the wanton neglect of man to hear this call and divinise his life that has brought upon humanity the horrors of war, disease, sufferings and restlessness.

2000 years ago Divinity incarnated upon this planet to show to all Humanity the glorious path to everlasting Life by actually living the Divine Life upon this earth. The great Jesus embodied in Himself the triple quality of Satya, Ahimsa and absolute Brahmacharya. During the entire duration of His sublime life, Christ lived as the visible expression of the highest Truth. He was a living witness to the Supreme Reality essentially indwelling in Man. In His dealing with the outside world, He was verily Ahimsa incarnate. With words brimming with the true spirit of Ahimsa He preaches the doctrine of non-retaliation. "Present thy left cheek to the assailant that smites thee on the right. If a man takes away thy coat forcibly, offer him thy cloak too."

No test, struggle, torment or persecution whatsoever could ruffle Him up to wrath or retaliation. In His personal life He was indeed Purity Itself. Unless ye become like little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to be absolutely pure like the innocent little ones. One of the greatest examples of Naishthika Brahmacharya, strict celibacy and spotless chastity Mankind has in Jesus, the Christ. He mentions how some men "make eunuchs of themselves" for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus the threefold strand of Ahimsa, Satya and Brahmacharya were woven into the very fabric of the Divine Life that Jesus lived.

An almost supernal spotless purity rested like a divine mantle upon His sublime personality. His life was a wonderful combination of Jnana, Bhakti and Karma, based upon a supreme Para Vairagya. An ideal integral development of head, heart and hand has rendered His life a model for mankind to emulate for all eternity. Christ was ever conscious of His inseparable identity with the Supreme Self. Yet deep devotion and love for the personal God constantly found expression in Him in the form of prayers, praises and glorification. And in His actual day-to-day life He was the very personification of the spirit of Karma Yoga. His entire life was a continuous ministry unto the afflicted. His feet moved but to reach where aid was needed. If His hands moved it was but to help the troubled and oppressed. His tongue spoke only to utter soft, honeyed words of compassion, consolation, inspiration and enlightenment. With the very glances of His luminous Yogic eyes Jesus awakened, elevated and transformed those whom he gazed upon, He felt, thought, talked and acted for the good of others. Amidst this all He dwelt in the unbroken awareness of the assertion "I and my Father are one." His life was that of a Sage in Sahaja Samadhi.

In Jesus the Man, the aspirant or the Sadhaka finds two traits to be faithfully emulated, namely, an admirable moral courage in being Witness to Truth. His life displays a silent yet supreme heroism in the face of the most determined opposition, persecution and misunderstanding. And He has set an example how a true seeker repulses the temptations on the spiritual path. Long before the outward drama of crucifixion, Jesus voluntarily crucified Himself spiritually by annihilating the lower self and living a purely divine life.

The great Rishi that He was, the Man of Galilee exemplified in Himself the "sthitadheeh Muni" Lord Krishna describes in the sacred Gita. Jesus was for ever the Self-absorbed Sage, perfectly balanced in the midst of opposites. He never lost His calm even for a single moment of His intensely-lived life. He neither rejoiced in pleasure nor grieved in pain. Looking with perfect equal vision upon friend and foe, intent only upon universal weal, this perfected Siddha Purusha typifies that magnanimous state of "sarva dharman parityajya mamekam saranam vraja," the compassionate voice of this God-Man called aloud to all mankind "Come unto me, all ye that are weary and heavy-laden" and promised to "relieve their burden" and grant them rest. Come! Come! Come! was the divine call. And how? Casting thy care upon Him for He careth for thee. Thy work is to intently think of Him and Him alone. Never care for anything else for does He not look after the "lilies in the field and the birds in the air?" Depend on Him and He will care for thee for "Ananyaschintayantomam ye janah paryupasate; Tesham nityabhiyuktanam yogakshemam vahamyaham" is the promise of Lord Krishna.

You know how at Jesus's birth a bright guiding Star appeared in the sky to lead the Magii to the Divine Child. Take this as Your Christmas Star. May this show you the way to lead the Life Divine as exemplified in the mystic and Yogi of Bethlehem! Manifest the same Living Reality, the Spotless Purity and the lofty Divine Compassion. Divinise thy life. Lead the Divine Life.