A woman's dressing-room should be as tasteful and comfortable as her social position and fortune permit: simply comfortable if she cannot afford luxury, but supplied at least with all things necessary and useful to a careful toilet.

Where convenient, two dressing-tables should be provided, facing each other, different in dimensions, but identical in form.

The larger serves for the minor ablutions. It is provided with a water pitcher and bowl of porcelain, crystal, or silver, selected with the taste which distinguishes us in these days. Above it fasten a little shelf on which to place perfumes, smelling salts, dentrifices, elixirs, etc. Beside the bowl place a soap-dish, a box for brushes, etc.

The smaller dressing-table should be surmounted by an adjustable mirror, framed in silk and muslin. The hair is dressed before this table. It must be supplied with all needful accessories--brushes and combs, perfumes, creams and lotions, powder-boxes, powder-puffs, manicure set, etc. Projecting brackets for lights should be on each side of this table.

The dressing-room may be far more simple than here described. If it lack all luxury, a woman of taste may give it an attractive appearance. Select a tasteful wallpaper. Cover the floor with a pretty rug. Tables of pine may be draped with cretonne bordered with a ruffle. Over your dressing table spread a linen scarf trimmed with inexpensive lace. Above it hang small brackets covered like the table, on which place the boxes, bottles, jewel vases, etc., which may be graceful and elegant despite their small cost. "If the mirror is ordinary, conceal the frame by a drapery to correspond with the table. This is easily arranged by means of hidden tacks. Secure a very simple wardrobe, which you can greatly improve by painting and varnishing. Conceal the water jugs and pails under the valance of the table.

Some shelves at the end of the room, with hooks beneath them to hold articles of clothing, the whole concealed behind curtains in harmony with the drapery of the table, will answer the purpose of a wardrobe. The curtain should hang freely from the ceiling, so as not to expose the outlines of the objects behind it. Beneath it the zinc bathing tub may be hidden.