Assemblies of this kind should be left quietly. If the party is small, it is permissible to bow to the hostess; but at a large ball this is not necessary, unless you meet her on your way from the room. It is important to avoid making your departure felt as a suggestion for breaking up the party, it being very impolite to indicate by your movements or manner that, in your opinion, the entertainment has been kept up long enough.

Finally, let no gentleman presume on a ball-room introduction. It is given with view to one dance only, and will certainly not warrant a gentleman in going further than asking a lady to dance a second time. Out of the ball-room such an introduction has no force whatever.

If those who have danced together meet next day in the street, or the park, the gentleman must not venture to bow, unless the lady chooses to favor him with some mark of her recognition. If he does, he must not expect any acknowledgment of his salutation.

After a private ball it is etiquette to call at the house during the following week.