The growth of hair which so often appears on the chin at middle age, and the down which imparts a masculine appearance to the rosy lips of some young girls of twenty, form causes of annoyance from which some suffer distress of mind. There are, fortunately, remedies for this affliction.

Removing these hairs with a small tweezer of steel is one of the common methods. But the hair must be carefully pulled and not broken; it should be removed by a sudden jerk. Recently an operation by electricity, to which the name of electrolysis is given, has been highly recommended. It is, however, often unsuccessful, and always painful.

Make a wash of the leaves and roots of celandine distilled. Make a compress, apply to the hairy spot, allowing it to remain on all night. Continue until the hairs disappear.

Use polypode of oak; slit and cut into pieces, place in a cucurbite (vessel resembling a gourd used in distillation) and pour over it some white wine, which should cover the polypode a finger's width. Let it stand for twenty-four hours. Then distil in boiling water until no more evaporates. Apply in compresses on the afflicted parts, keeping it on all night. Renew until the desired effect is produced.