As a charming old lady once said, " To remain always young one must be always amiable."

A melancholy face, a sullen or evil look, is like coming in contact with winter; whereas a serene face, a gracious air, a kind and good expression, are like a spring day, and a smile on the lips like its sunshine.

Sulky people, you may have remarked, always appear to be ten years older than they really are. The face grows wrinkled from contracting the brows; the mouth projects disagreeably when sulking.

Behold beside the portrait of the sullen woman the picture of a sweet and gracious woman: all her features are in repose, her lips form an adorable Cupid's bow, kindness softens her glance, and goodness illuminates her brow.

Perhaps she is the elder, but she will always appear young and charming.